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Please read this job posting in its entirety before applying. This is a remote job.

Instructions to Apply:

  1. Click the button at the bottom of the post and complete the application form.
  2. Create a video introduction: Introduce yourself, tell us one fun fact about yourself and explain what you will bring to the Virtuous Graphics team. The video should be no longer than 60 seconds and can be filmed with a cell phone.
  3.  Remember to input the special code to be considered.

Virtuous Graphics is looking for an assertive, amicable individual to join our sales and support team. We’re on the lookout for a smart person with heaps of common sense!

We are an American firm based in Manila. We provide creative services for the Amazon seller, from small family-owned operations to large ateliers with many brands under a single umbrella. As start-ups go, we are growing very quickly to answer the demand with which we have been blessed; much of the Amazon community has recognized the invaluable assistance we provide with the conceptualization and development of expert creative work.


This position pays ₱20,000-40,000 per month, depending on experience.


  • Prior experience preferable in any of the following:
    • Sales & Support
    • Customer Service
    • Telemarketing (inbound or outbound)
    • Email marketing
  • Basic understanding of e-Commerce

Our sales and support person will be in charge of communicating with our current, past, and present customers—but, more than that, he or she will be in charge of developing relationships with our customers. The growth of the business is in your hands! We need someone who’s got previous experience in sales and support, customer service, telemarketing (inbound or outbound), or email marketing. A basic understanding of how e-Commerce works is a big plus, too!


  • Proficient at the English language, both verbal and written
  • Effective communication skills over the phone, and email
  • Solutions-driven; problem-solving skills
  • Customer service-driven
  • Meticulous with a strong attention to detail
  • Close sales; upsell products

Our sales and support representative is a key player in the growth of Virtuous Graphics. He or she will communicate, consult and coordinate with Amazon sellers across the globe; therefore, English proficiency, both verbal and written, is absolutely essential. Effective communications skills over the phone and through email are crucial. Special code: happy apples We need someone who takes joy in closing deals and upselling products, so we’re looking for someone with a strong attention to detail, and a real concern for the business of the customer. If you see yourself in this position, then you’re a clever go-getter with excellent communications skills and even better people skills!


  • Job-specific
    • Amicable; capable at developing and nurturing long-term relationships with clients even over the phone/email
    • Creative thinker who can identify solutions and opportunities for client orders
  • Individual
    • Resourceful
    • Proactive
    • Responsible
    • Sense of integrity
    • Willing to take constructive criticism
    • Requires little to no supervision
    • Responsible and consistent worker; communicative and capable at working remotely
    • Reliable and trustworthy

At Virtuous Graphics, we are most particular about a candidate’s attitude. We are looking for team players that perceive work with Virtuous Graphics as a long-term career, with commensurate growth potential both personal and professional.

On an individual level, we are looking for someone who is proactive, resourceful, and responsible, with a strong sense of integrity. We like individuals who seek to improve themselves, their teammates, and the company, through critical thinking and a sense of responsibility. Similarly, it’s important to us that each individual is willing to take constructive criticism, and view it as an opportunity for growth rather than a personal attack. Most of our team works remotely, so we need our photographer to be a responsible and consistent worker, communicative and responsible with our productivity standards and applications. Eventually, this person should be able to work with little to no supervision. Attention to detail is a must. Familiarity with western culture is a big plus.

We do not entertain applications:

  • By email
  • Through internal chat
  • Via social media

Any applications sent through these channels will be rejected.