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Please read this job posting in its entirety before applying. This is a remote job.

Are You a Rockstar Copywriter?

Are you ready to blow us out of the water?

Video Invitation

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Who is Virtuous Graphics?

Virtuous Graphics is a young, dynamic start-up that provides marketing services to the growing market
of people who sell on, from small family-owned businesses to established sellers with
many brands under their umbrella. We’re a team of go-getters—professional, reliable, and full of
integrity; risk takers who are eager to explore and learn.

Who are we looking for?

The copywriter is in charge of delivering the words and verbal content to match images. S/he reports to
the Creative Director for Copywriting.

More than that—the copywriter is a Rockstar individual with the right work ethic and the right talent.
We hire amazing talent—but we hire people with the right attitude, even more! If you’re responsible
enough to work from home, and if you can view remote work as a full-time job even if you’re typing
away in your pajamas (no judgment, most of us do!); if you are prepared to take and deliver constructive
criticism; if you’re coachable and find joy in learning new things every day – well, hit us up!


This position pays ₱30,000-50,000 per month, depending on experience.


  • Prior job experience not necessary
  • Knowledge of SEO a plus but not necessary
  • Knowledge of Amazon terms and conditions a plus but not necessary
  • Previous writing especially for an American audience a plus


  • Very strong handle on the English language
    • Knowledge of American idioms a plus
  • Excellent grammar and sentence construction
  • Excellent organization of thoughts and ideas; able to communicate in a logical flow through your writing
  • Fluent in English (preferably a Native English speaker)
  • Capable in several different types of writing including but not withstanding:
    • Blogs
    • Short copy (ex. Amazon titles)
    • Product features (ex. Amazon Expanded Brand Content)
    • Emails and Business Correspondences
    • Packaging
    • Product Inserts
    • Press Releases
    • Articles and Features
    • Website copy
  • Good at researching product features and target market
  • Original thinker; creative
  • Meticulous with an eye for detail: careful proofreader
  • Communicative and capable at working both remotely, and in a team, with a graphic designer
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Applications


  • Dependable and reliable
  • Professional with a good sense of integrity and teamwork
  • Self-starter; does not need much supervision to work
  • Consistent about easter egg I work in my pajamas meeting deadlines
  • Open to taking criticism
  • Open to identifying areas for improvement, in self, in team, and in the organization
  • Willing to learn, adapt, and grow


  • Must possess own laptop and high-speed internet
  • Commits to working an 8-hour day or a 40-hour week

The Virtuous Graphics Company Culture

Being run by three thinkers from top tech giants mixes things up a bit for sure!

Virtuous Graphics has been up for two years now—but it’s growing at a breakneck pace. Most of our employees work from home, so we are really particular about the work ethic of our employees:

  1. Communicative: We coordinate with each other on a variety of apps
  2. Technologically adept: Some expertise with Chrome applications (we have equivalent ones for Mac, don’t worry) is good because we use a variety of apps to do our work
  3. Critical thinking attitude: We don’t hire followers. We hire trailblazers.
  4. Team player: Everyone says this. We implement it. We pick up the slack for each other. We help out. We call out for help, if we need it. We got each other’s backs—all day, every day, and even at night too because some people like working graveyard. Whatever floats their boat.
  5. Coachable: Nobody is perfect. The day that you stop taking criticism as an opportunity to grow—heck, you’ve stopped being relevant. All of us welcome coaching, from the founder down to every person on the team!

We do not entertain applications:

  • By email
  • Through internal chat
  • Via social media

Any applications sent through these channels will be rejected.