Graphic Design

an amazon professional graphic design header text that says "Design is in everything we make, but it's also between those things: it's a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy."


Infographics are product photographs with short call-outs to draw attention to your product’s best features, attributes, or benefits. Every package under the Virtuous Graphics bundles contains a minimum of three infographics.

An Infographics of an Amazon product for professional graphic design of plastic meat claws.
An EBC of an Amazon professional graphic design for tough hands orange gloves that is heatproof and is used on grill cooking.

Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content is a beautifully-laid out portrayal of your product. Graphic design, photography, and copywriting all combine to weave a memorable and engaging tale of your product, and how it fits into the lives, homes, and offices of your ideal customer.

Product Inserts

Product Inserts use both graphic design and copywriting to engage your customer. They’re great real estate to enforce a call to action, as they’re the little bit of literature that a customer reads when they open the package. (And, yes, we try to make things as visually appealing as possible to get people to read!) Most of the time, people use inserts to increase review rates while addressing negative feedback.

an amazon professional graphic design for a dry bag backpack thank you card
an amazon professional graphic design for a product packaging of a waterproof dry bag backpack

Product Packaging

Product Packaging creates a good “second impression”—that is, the impression your customers receive when they first hold your product in their hands. An attractive box sends the message that you, as the product developer, care enough to send your customers the very best. Think of it like putting on a tie when going to meet your fiancee’s family for the first time.

Logo Design

Logo Design creates the visual identity of your brand. It is a strategic tool that fosters brand recall, creates a good first impression, and communicates what’s important to your company. Virtuous Graphics knows what works and what doesn’t in the Amazon universe. This knowledge augments simple logo design and elevates it to a potential conversion tool.

an amazon professional graphic design for tough hands logo

Brand Content

$ 450
  • Upgrade your product description by including highly converting images.
  • Includes Professional Copywriting

2 Enhanced
Brand Content

$ 795
  • Perfect for A/B Testing your product description.
  • Includes Professional Copywriting

4 Amazon

$ 295
  • We use graphic design to highlight the key elements of your product.
  • Includes Professional Copywriting


$ 450
  • Visually differentiate your product from the competition while highlighting its unique selling proposition.
  • Includes Professional Copywriting


$ 295
  • Increase review rate while proactively addressing common customer complaints.
  • Includes Professional Copywriting


$ 295
  • We design your logo to establish your brand while increasing the conversion rate of your listing.

For sellers that have are brand registered, there is the ability to have a more dynamic product description called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Enhanced Brand Content is a great way to stand out from the competition while showcasing additional benefits of your product and telling your brand’s unique story.

Infographics use text callouts to highlight key features and unique selling points of your product. Infographics serve a wide variety of purposes such as providing a competitor comparison, showing product sizing information, highlighting product benefits, showcasing appropriate product applications and many more.

Product packaging can be created for a wide range of product types including square boxes, cylindrical tubes, bags and envelopes, just to name a few.

Product inserts are cleverly designed items that are placed inside of your product packaging to help stimulate reviews, crossell other similar products that you may sell or reduce negative feedback from customers.

There are a few different types of product inserts that we commonly make.

Review Focused Insert: Review focused inserts encourage buyers to leave a review on Amazon if they are satisfied with their purchase. If they are not satisfied, customers are encouraged to contact your support department so that the issue can be corrected right away.

Cross Sale Insert: The cross sale insert is used to help sell products that are complementary or related to the product that has already been purchased by the customer. This is a great way to communicate new promotions as well as new product launches on Amazon.

Explanatory Insert: For products that are complex or susceptible to negative reviews due to inappropriate use, sellers can place explanatory inserts inside of their packaging to reduce customer frustration and negative feedback. These inserts can take many forms including step-by-step setup/assembly guides and manuals that explain the best ways to use the product.

Our rockstar graphic design team can create amazing logos for any product category.