an amazon product photography header text that says "In Photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality"

The Hero Image

Amazon allows two types of photographs from its sellers, and we produce both. The Hero Image is a simple photograph of your item, shot on a plain white background. Our team shoots your product using ultramodern equipment, with a close eye on exemplifying the unique selling proposition of your product, all the while ensuring that they’re in tune with Amazon’s rules and regulations.

a pair of tough hands orange cooking gloves which represents amazon product photography
testing the tough hands cooking gloves heat proof while grilling a meat as an example of amazon product photography

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle Images, or secondary images, come after the hero image in your listing. These photographs showcase your product being used. We choose models that mirror your ideal customer, and shoot them enjoying the product. We remove the guesswork from your customer; through lifestyle images, it’s so much easier to see how the product would fit into their lives, homes, and offices.


Photography, Copywriting, and Graphic Design meanwhile combine to create a different type of secondary image—what we at Virtuous Graphics call an infographic. This image also comes after the hero image in the listing, and is a functional and effective option for products with complicated assembly or installation instructions, or whose features and benefits need more explanation. Call-out one-liner text identifies the features, attributes, or benefits of the product in easily digestible copy that’s effortlessly absorbed and remembered.

an infographic example for an amazon product photography of plastic meat claws

Entry Tier

$ 750
  • 1 Main Image
  • 8 Secondary Images
  • 4 Infographics Included
  • Professional Copywriting for Infographics
  • Project Brief
  • Studio Location Photoshoot
  • Props
  • Hand Model Included
  • Extra Model Fee - $250

Professional Tier

$ 1500
  • 2 Main Image Versions
  • 12 Secondary Images + 10 Raw Photo Images
  • 4 Infographics Included
  • Professional Copywriting for Infographics
  • Project Brief
  • Studio Location + External Location Photoshoot
  • Props
  • One Model Included
  • Extra Model or Location - $250