a heading text that says "The greatest thing you have working for you is not the photo you take or the picture you paint; it's the imagination of the consumer. They have no budget, they have no time limit, and if you can get to that space, your ad can run all day." which represents amazin copywriting

Product Listing

The product listing is your stage, your podium, and your spotlight. The product listing functions as both a virtual storefront and an advertisement; aside from providing the necessary information to convince a customer to choose your product, it also gets you discovered.

It would be a good idea to take your product listing seriously. A well-written listing contains thorough and strategic keyword research to optimize the listing and get your product discovered. 

The writing, while well-expressed, must also contain comprehensive research to address the pain and gain points of the target customer; this kind of research will help catapult your product over and above the competition.

miniatures of 2 push carts and boxes placed on top of a laptop keyboard
stacked wooden blocks with texts "search, keywords, optimization, SEO, conversion, sales, ranking," and a hand holding the SEO block which represent amazon copywriting

How We Optimize Your Listing

Virtuous Graphics’ team of copywriters is, first and foremost, creative. They find story angles that differentiate your product and augment the demand for your ASIN, and they tell the story in an eloquent and engaging way. More than that, however, they pepper each listing with strategic keywords that will help drive traffic to your product listing. 

A good listing isn’t about stuffing the copy with keywords; it has to make sense as well for human conversion. Some HTML coding could also be applied to draw the eye to certain key points — while keeping the entire listing short, succinct, and well within the character allowance of Amazon for the product listing. Speaking of what Amazon allows –Amazon can be temperamental– the smallest circumvention of its terms and conditions could get your listing pulled. 

Our team is fully cognizant of these terms and conditions, and keeps them in mind constantly every step of the way from background research, SEO keyword research, and review analysis, to conceptualization of your listing, and to revisions.


$ 295
  • Title Optimization
  • Bullet Points Optimization
  • Description Optimization
  • Amazon TOS Trained Copywriting
  • Return Reason Analysis
  • Customer Review Analysis
  • Comprehensive SEO Analysis
  • Back End Keyword Research Analysis
Best Seller

Our Amazon trained copywriting team uses advanced keyword research and competitive analysis to create an engaging title for your listing.

Our Amazon trained copywriting team uses dynamic phrasing to succinctly communicate the key selling points and differentiators of your listing.

Our Amazon trained copywriting team uses dynamic phrasing to succinctly communicate the key selling points and differentiators of your listing.

The order received email is sent out immediately after an Amazon sales is made. Having an optimized order received email encourages positive reviews while also giving the seller an opportunity to proactively address customer frustrations before they became an issue.

The helpful tips and tricks email gives the customer useful information that compliments the products. For complicated products, the tips and tricks email can easily reduce customer frustrations by proactively addressing common product mistakes.

The review request email is sent out multiple days after the product has been ordered by the client. This email encourage buyers to leave a review on Amazon if they are satisfied with their purchase. If they are not satisfied, customers are encouraged to contact your support department so that the issue can be corrected right away.

Amazon Terms of Service (TOS) are incredibly complicated- especially for copywriting. Each of our copywriters have undergone extensive Amazon specific training which educates them on how to navigate the TOS while creating compliant and dynamic pitch copy.

One of the biggest tools we use when producing listing optimization and email follow-up sequences is the return reason analysis. Here we take a deep look into why customers are choosing to return a product and we create copy that proactively addresses these reasons  before and after the point of sale.

Here we deep dive into customer reviews to figure out what past customers love about this specific product and what they dislike about the product. We consolidate this information and create copy that ensures that we emphasize the fact that your product contains the positive attributes while steering clear of the negative ones.

Here we research your product keywords and perform a complete SEO audit to increase the probability that your listing will show up where customers are searching. In addition to including relevant keywords within your listing, our copywriters also provide you with backend keywords which can be injected in Seller Central.